Our Pledge 

To Produce, Provide and Guarantee Unique, Innovative, Creative Products & Services!  

We are tired of Machine-Made, Mass-Produced Products and
Lacklustre Service.  At Whee Works we take that Extra Step to Ensure our Customer's Experiences are Playful, Fun, Fresh & Relaxed and our Products & Services are of the Highest Quality!

Our Team consists of Professional Photographers, Designers
and Artisans.


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Lindsay is the principal photographer and driving force behind Whee Works. She has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, successfully running a photographic business for the past ten years. She is a graduate of the Algonquin College Photography Program and is continually developing her craft.

Lindsay's design skills developed at an early age, designing doll clothes using kleenex and tape. Her style often leans towards vintage, especially items from the 1950's and 1960's. She is always developing unique new product ideas, exploring the world around her and looking for interesting opportunities.

She enjoys well-made products, supporting local businesses, meeting friendly people, black clothes, and Elvis movies.  

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Brittany is the primary digital editor, product production specialist and seamstress here at Whee Works. If you pick up any of the products in the boutique, chances are Brittany had a hand in producing it.

Her particular nature and sticktoitiveness is an asset on a photo shoot or while creating new products. She is a serial baker, an all round crafty person and a graduate of the Algonquin College Photography Program.  She is always trying to make the world a brighter place with a positive attitude, a thoughtful handmade gift or a deliciously baked treat.  

She enjoys black liquorice, owls, crosswords, cooking, antiquing, matching pajamas and gardening.