Happy New Year Everyone! I have finally decided what my 3 goals for this year will be: 1. Planning Ahead, 2. Keeping it Real and 3. Always being Thankful. As many of you know we had a baby just over a year ago. She has brought so much joy and happiness into our lives. With that also came a commitment to giving her a very large portion of our time and energy each day. I was always the person prior to having children who couldn't possibly imagine being any busier, boy was I so wrong!

The last 3 years have been really intense and I felt like I fell off the map many times. Sadly this all started with a very close family member living out of town who was terminally ill. Following this very stressful and sad period we decided to have a baby. As a person obsessed with working, pregnancy definitely brought it's own challenges and new limits. With this new work-life balancing act we needed to evaluate the way we lived both personally and professionally. We truly learned life and time are so precious and to make the best out of everyday. Fill your days with people you love most and do what fuels your soul.

Our busiest season in our business is the last 4 months of the year, combine that with Halloween, birthdays, the holidays and you have a recipe for stress overload. I tried really hard to plan ahead, I even did my holiday shopping in July! While that was all helpful, I still felt that I could have done better. I don't just mean planning more and getting more done, but actually evaluating what is really important and what I should stop obsessing over.

My promise to my family, friends and clients this year is I will plan ahead, keep it real and be thankful everyday. I will not expect that I am Wonder Woman, although that would be really awesome! I even started planning our baby girls birthday party for November, which I am super excited to say will be a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Party!!! Can't wait to focus on all the positives the new year has to offer! Happy New Year to you all, may this year bring you so much joy and happiness! xo Lindsay

Written by Lindsay Machinski — January 16, 2017

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