Virtual Party Ease

Virtual Party Ease

Wow!  It’s finally here!  Just pretend for me that it’s still Wednesday, pretty please!  I really wanted to have this up yesterday, unfortunately I ran into some hiccups uploading the FREE Kid’s Virtual Birthday Party Planning Guide (wow, what a long title).  I guess it’s fitting though, because it took me sooo...long to put together!

Without further ado, here is our first official Pandemic Parenting Post!  I hope you find it to be super helpful and that it will take the stress out of hosting your child’s birthday party in the virtual world.

I’ve included checklists, ideas, email templates and even a sample narrative script from our daughter’s 5th birthday party.

Leading up to her party, I felt overwhelmed with the idea of having to reinvent the wheel.  In all honestly, I barely had enough time to pull together a regular party.  I however refused to let that stop me and spent countless late nights planning.

I knew I needed to step up to help, after receiving many rave reviews from our daughter’s party and knowing how this information could help people stressing about pandemic parties.  We all need an extra hand these days and I hope this will really help those trying to navigate this current predicament.

I made sure to be very thorough in the email templates I created, making sure to cover any questions parents may have before they have them.  I’m very thankful I took this approach, because we had almost 15+ children attending and not one parent had to reach out for additional info.  The party was also so well planned out, that it ended up becoming stress free and manageable.  Who woulda thought?!? 🤔

Ideally as the host, you should always try to make sure that everyone feels welcome and well taken care of.  By providing a breakdown of the party ahead of time, it does just that.  This guide covers all the basis, so you can feel confident that your child’s party will be a huge success.

To access the guide, click here.

If you find this Virtual Party Planning Guide helpful, I would love nothing more than to hear about your experience!



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