Cloudy Cuteness

Cloudy Cuteness

🌈 While there may not be a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, Abby really does treasure the cloud pillows I made for her bed and unicorn party! 🦄 

If you like them...I’m curious to know...would you want to learn how to make them or would you prefer to just buy them? 🤔

I'm completely on the fence. I probably would have bought them, if I had found them while shopping for her party.  Although I really did have so much fun making them, especially sketching out the cloud template and sweet cloud face! 

These dreamy cloud pillows bring me happiness everyday and I’m so happy they are above Abby’s head as she sleeps each night!   

☘️ Don’t forget to check back on St.Patrick’s Day (Wednesday), I’ll be sharing how to host a virtual party! ☘️ 

Cheers, Lindsay 

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