Time for Change

Time for Change

When I think about who I was 5 years ago (the pregnant one in this photo) compared to now, I often forget who that person was. Some of my characteristics were enhanced and others were thankfully left behind. I knew my life was going down a completely different path and to be perfectly honest, I was ready. Don’t get me wrong I loved my life, but I knew deep down that I wasn’t being 100% true to myself or completely authentic.

I’m extremely thankful for all the experiences I’ve had, even the unfortunate ones–because ultimately they were all part of shaping this unique version of me. I know this will continue to be a lifelong journey, however now I know for sure I’m on the right path. Like they say, there is only one you, nobody can be you or do what you do...paraphrasing here...

Since the birth of our daughter Abby, I became obsessed with motherhood and feeding my mind with knowledge everyday. I knew it was time to finally create the woman I want our daughter to look up to. I want to shine in the best light, with the fullest heart and with the most unstoppable passion for a brighter future. I want her to know that no matter what she wants to do in her life, it’s possible if she believes in herself. I want her to know that by following your true purpose, you can create a completely fulfilled life–regardless of the circumstances.

Ultimately you have two options, you can choose to be a ray of sunshine or a little black rain cloud. I think sometimes we all need to take the advice that Christopher Robin shared with Winnie-the-Pooh "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think”.

For the first time in my life, I’m no longer phased by the pressure to fit nicely into what I thought I should be. I love the fact that I’m free, completely free (kinda like freeing a genie from a lamp)! I no longer need to feel acceptance, because now I know just how unique I am and how much I have to share with all of you. I will no longer be appearing as I should be, but appearing as who I have become and who I am. A woman who wants change, a woman who will no longer settle for second best and a woman who will do everything in her power to improve the lives of others.

I use to think that if I worked hard and perfected my craft, I would be successful and fulfilled. Sure I had amazing clients and loved the work I was creating, however I still felt a large piece of me was missing. Fast forward to now and I’ve never felt so at peace and in love with my life. How I got here is a much longer story and will share that another time. Getting to this point has also allowed me to have zero regrets and to appreciate all the experiences and lessons along the way. Strangely, I can now finally show up for my community and share with you the most authentic version of myself. By sharing my story, I hope to inspire change and create a better way forward for everyone.

I’m so excited to slowly start sharing with you everything that we’ve been planning for the past 5 years. For all of you reading this that know me personally, you know just how hard it would be for me to not share anything for that long! I’ve also decided I’m not going to wait till every aspect of this business is built, instead I want to bring you along on the journey. I want this experience to feel like a warm hug, a cozy blanket, a warm cup of coffee (or tea) and a good friend sharing with you the good, bad and well maybe we’ll leave out the ugly. I don’t just want to see this change in myself, I want it to be infectious and grow within all of you. That may be a bad connotation given the current pandemic, or maybe appropriate–after all COVID-19 has been such an eye opener for much needed change.

Even though I’ve been distant since my journey into motherhood began, I’ve thought so much about all our clients over this timeframe. From every wedding and portrait client, to all our business clients, I will forever cherish what we’ve created together. I’m thankful I have a visual documentary from all these amazing memories we’ve shared over the past 19+ years. You all made it such an unforgettable experience and I hope I’ve left a positive mark on your life, as you and your families have on mine.

We’ve done a very soft launch of our new website and would love some feedback if your interested in that sort of thing. Oh and check out our youngest employee, she’s a keeper.

Can’t wait to share this next chapter with you!
Chat with you soon,
xo Lindsay

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