Thank You

Thank You

I finally sent out Thank You emails from our daughter’s virtual unicorn birthday party in November, which is actually record breaking for me! 😂 Typically I complete them about 3 months afterwards and I’m sure I get lots of eye rolls and people thinking what’s the point. For myself I think better late than never…some may disagree…oh well! I figure it’s always nice to be appreciated, even if it comes long after. I’ll accept the eye rolls…😂

I think taking the pressure off of not sending out a printed card helped achieve this ‘faster’ turnaround, but I’m also working really hard to get on top of my never ending To Do List. Wish me luck, I really need it!

One thing people have been asking me to share is how we pulled off Abby’s virtual party. I was shocked by how many parents messaged me afterwards to say how they loved it and how much fun they ALL had! 🤯 It was so great to hear, since this virtual party thing was all new to me.

Thinking I may put something together to share how we planned and pulled off a successful virtual party. If this interests you, let me know and I’ll do my best to bump it closer to the top of my To Do List.

Take care and have a wonderful week!

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