Spring Pom Pom Flowers

Spring Pom Pom Flowers

I love that Spring is in the air and Easter is just around the corner!

For many holidays since the pandemic started, we’ve made something to cheer up the residents at our local long-term care home—Grace Manor.

This time we made Yellow Pom Pom Flowers inside a Yarn Wrapped Glass Jar.

If you’re interested in making these, I’ve included ‘What we used’ and What we Did’ below:

What we Used...

- Yellow Yarn: From Michaels Canada

- Pink Yarn: From Michaels Canada

- 12” Wood Dowels: From Scholar’s Choice

- Thick Art Paper: From Scholar’s Choice

- Acrylic Paint: From Michaels Canada

- Small Foam Brush: From Michaels Canada

- Kid’s Glue: From Scholar’s Choice

- Pom Pom Makers: From Michaels Canada 

- Up-Cycled Glass Jar: From Farm Boy

- Hot Glue

- Pet Brush (optional)

**Side Note**:

If you don’t want to purchase Pom Pom makers, Pinterest has lots of DIY Pom Pom methods using household items such as forks and cardboard.  We really do love our Clover Pom Pom makers though, as they offer a really accurate, consistent and easy Pom Pom every time!

What we Did...

- Mixed Acrylic Green Paints with White

- Painted Wooden Dowels with Foam Brush

- Painted 2 Sheets of Paper with Extra Paint

- Washed out Foam Brush

- Made 1” & 1.5” Pom Poms 

- Folded Painted Art Paper in Half

- Glued Inside of the Paper with Kid’s Glue

- Hot Glued the top of the Dowel

- Immediately Put Pom Pom on Top of Hot Glue

- Cut out Double-Sided Leaves

- Hot Glued on the Leaves

For the Jar we...

- Taped the End of Yarn 2” from Top of Jar

- Wrapped Yarn Tightly from Top to Bottom

- Brushed Jar Yarn with Pet Brush to Make it Fluffy & Soft.

- Placed in Jar and Voila...Spring Pom Pom Flowers!  

 Take care and have a wonderful day!

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