Spa Day

Spa Day

Before our daughter was born...I fondly remember spending entire days at the spa...coming out feeling completely rejuvenated.  Since having her, the frequency of spa visits dwindled and became less of a priority.  After this craziness is over, I’m reinstating frequent spa days...this mama is in need of some long overdue pampering!

During the first pandemic lockdown...we started at-home spa days...first as a way of entertainment and later as a coping strategy.  Sure...they are not as relaxing as an actual spa experience...but we’ll take what we can get.  Plus, the time spent together is priceless.

For Mother’s Day this year...we’re planning to have a Spa Day with my Mom over FaceTime...followed by a Heirloom Tea Party (see yesterday’s post).  For this weeks Pandemic Parenting Post...I’ll be sharing what we’re planning...just in case you’re looking for something fun to do as well.

We’ll start our day by candlelight, soaking our feet with bath salts and listening to calming music.  We’ll then have pedicures, followed by manicures and finish the day with a facial.  Our attire will consist of bathrobes and jammies, until we get dressed up in fancy clothes for our Tea Party.  We’ll stay hydrated during the day with Lemon Water and finish off with Berry Herbal Tea at the tea party.  I’m thinking, I may make some pinwheel sandwiches for fun too.  Abby will want to bake something with her Dad the day before, so we’ll have a sweet treat to share as well.  

Hope you can squeeze some pampering in and that you have a wonderful day!



In case you’re interested, here are some products we’ll be using on Sunday:

Urban Spa: Spa Gloves & Socks, Nail Brush, Facial Sponge, Body Brush 

Rhoost: Nail Clippers

Piggy Paint: Base Coat, Pink Nail Polish & Top Coat

Alya Skin: Australian Pink Clay Mask (for myself only)

August & Monroe: Organic Soy Based Candle

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