Show Me Your Drills

Show Me Your Drills

Have you ever wanted to write beautifully?  I know I have!  I absolutely love to watch Modern Calligraphers and Hand Letterers create pretty letters.

Years ago I met Becca, the extremely talented Calligrapher and Mastermind behind The Happy Ever Crafter.  At the time I had signed up for...what may have been...the first ever ShowMeYourDrills Challenge.   Fast forward to now and Becca is celebrating her 4th year in business full-time.  Watching her business grow has been amazing and I’m so excited to feature her business for this weeks Business Spotlight!

Even though I purchased all her courses years ago and have had my workbooks printed, I’m now finally getting to start my lettering journey.  I’m so excited to to write beautiful letters...on just about anything!

ShowMeYourDrills is a basic strokes calligraphy course, that is 4 weeks long and completely free.  The next course is starting on July if calligraphy is your thing...head on over to The Happy Ever Crafter and sign up today.  She has had over 100,000 people signup, so you know it’s good!  


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