Comfy Happy Shoes

Comfy Happy Shoes

Oh how I love bring me comfort and make me feel so happy...I will always cherish you...😂😂😂

Yes I’m talking about my shoes, words I never thought would come out of my mouth.  Finding nice shoes...that actually fit my wide feet...has always been a challenge and something I dread.

I ordered these Will’s Vegan Shoes last year from a Vancouver company...and it never dawned on me until recently...that one day I’ll have to lay these shoes to rest.  I then started frantically searching online to purchase a second pair and sadly my searches turned up with nothing.  Then by some sort of miracle...I decided late last night to try again...and guess what?...I found them on the manufacturers website!!!  Yippee!!!

Needless to say...I purchased an extra pair...and am still wavering about getting another for good measure.  I did however find these gems in black too, so I ordered a pair of those as well.  My urban biking explorations...will thankfully be accompanied by these beauties...for a long time!  So so happy! 

Even though I ordered these at midnight last night, I woke to an email this morning saying “Your Carbon Neutral delivery is on its way!”  What a perfect Monday morning email!  

I absolutely love that these shoes come from an eco-friendly, plastic-free, carbon-neutral supply chain and that the shoebox is made from sustainable, non treated paper.  My husband even took my last shoebox and up-cycled it into homemade paper and screen printed on the sheets.  I’m sure he’ll be excited about the new boxes on the way and I can’t wait to see what he creates with them!  

Oh and how cool is this...the vegan leather used in these shoes is made with plants...using bio oil (sourced from organic cereal crops) in a carbon neutral process...and the insoles are made with recycled rubber!  These really are the coolest and comfiest shoes ever!

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