Sending Vintage Love

Sending Vintage Love

So happy we were able to get these vintage inspired Valentines to the residents of the Salvation Army Grace Manor today. I hope it brings them back to a time in their lives when things were so much easier.

Abby made a special Valentine card for her 106 year old friend that she made during the pandemic. Their friendship began with a birthday parade for her and Abby wanting to make her some birthday jewellery to wear. We were fortunate that we were able to meet her outside from a distance before winter came and she gave Abby the sweetest Thank you card. Each time a new holiday is on the way, Abby insists on making her something special. Love her caring heart so much! ❤️

It completely breaks my heart that families cannot be with their elderly relatives and that the elderly residents must be so lonely. I hope these small acts of kindness bring them joy during these very difficult times.

From my own life experience, I’ve always had a very soft spot for the elderly and I cannot wait to bring Abby to volunteer with them when this is all over. I spent many years visiting my Grandparents in these types of homes. I would always feel so sad for the residents and personally made friends with many of them.

When I was really young my Grandma would take me to long term care homes to play the recorder and sing, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t good at either—which makes me laugh! It seemed to always bring a smile to their faces, maybe they were laughing at how terrible I was—honestly I’m just happy it made them smile! That also reminds me of the song my Grandpa would always request I play when I would start to play the piano at their house, it was called “Far Far Away”! 🤣 I was like, sure Grandpa and make up a song that I would say was called that. Years and I mean years later the joke finally clicked…. “Lindsay, play the song far far away”! Too funny Grandpa…too funny! 🤣

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