Scholar’s Choice: STEM Challenge

Scholar’s Choice: STEM Challenge

Play. Discover. such a fitting tagline for our Weekly Business Spotlight Scholar’s Choice!  Sharing Abby’s learning journey, while showcasing their products has been really fun!  We hope that you’ve enjoyed the posts and found them helpful.  

Today we’re featuring the Scholar’s Choice construction paper Abby used in her paper chain STEM challenge.  They carry a large array of sizes, colours and thicknesses to cover all your projects—large or small.

Are you curious as to why we are spotlighting businesses? you all know...businesses have had a really hard go during this pandemic.  They’ve had to make extreme pivots and unfortunately some have had to close permanently. Seeing this turmoil unfold, has inspired me to help businesses thrive—instead of just survive this unfortunate situation.

I believe we can all use our skill sets to help one another.  So here I am...trying to help make as much of a difference as possible...with no strings attached.  I’m NOT receiving money or products for these posts, nor do I want to.  I truly value these companies and really hope others will get behind this movement too!  Let’s support companies who care about people and not companies who have no moral compass.

Even though we are all facing our own challenges, I challenge you to spread kindness where you can—just one act could change someone’s life forever!

Looking forward to sharing more soon...

Take good care and have a lovely weekend!



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