Scholar’s Choice: Watercolour Beading

Scholar’s Choice: Watercolour Beading

In yesterday’s post, we announced that Scholar’s Choice is our Canadian Business Spotlight for this week.  Today we are excited to showcase Watercolour Paint and Wood Beads from their extensive line of art supplies.  This craft is easy to create and has maximum impact!  Don’t you just love the rainbow necklace Abby created?

The watercolours are non-toxic, free of common allergens and washable.  We use them on wood, fabric and paper, using brushes, pipettes and eye droppers.  They are also an economical substitution for food colouring in craft projects, science experiments and sensory play. 

For this activity, we filled up ceramic containers with liquid watercolours and added wood beads.  We soaked them until the desired colour density was obtained, removed them from the containers and placed them on a drying rack.

Once dry, Abby used stretchy necklace cord to create her necklace.  Stringing beads is an excellent activity for these developmental skills:

•  Cognitive Skills: Deciding on the outcome of the necklace, involves problem solving and planning.  

•  Math Skills: Planning the length of the necklace and how many beads will be used, creates an opportunity for practical math applications.

•  Visual Perceptual Skills: Creating patterns allows for visual discrimination, as well as scanning and memory.

•  Visual Motor Skills: Creates an eye-hand coordination opportunity, allowing for controlled and visual input processing between the eyes and hands.

•  Fine Motor Skills: Grasping coordinates brain and muscles efforts, which strengthens small hand muscles.

•  In-hand Manipulation Skills: Manipulating beads with fingers/hands allows for increased strength and coordination in fingers and small hand muscles.

We’ll be sharing Abby’s STEM challenge tomorrow, using something else from Scholar’s Choice.

Check out yesterday’s post, to see why we highly recommended Scholar’s Choice for children’s gifts, learning materials and art supplies!

Do you have any questions about their products?  Let me know, I’m happy to help!

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