Scholar’s Choice: Name Art

Scholar’s Choice: Name Art

I couldn’t be happier to announce, the Canadian Business Spotlight for this week is Scholar’s Choice!  This company has played an instrumental role in shaping the development of our child.

We’ve been loyal customers at Scholar’s Choice since our daughter was a baby and we are always captivated by the amazing selection of educational toys, teaching material and art supplies they offer.  We shop there for our everyday learning and art supplies, as well as the majority of special gifts for our daughter.  I always get asked where we buy things for Abby and Scholar’s Choice is definitely our go to.

As a crafty family, Abby has been exposed to art from a very early age.  Over the next 3 days, I’ll be showcasing some art supplies we’ve purchased from Scholar’s Choice and how we’ve integrated them into her learning development.

Featured here is Tempera Paint, which is non-toxic, free of common allergens, washable and extremely versatile.  We use this paint with brushes, alphabet sponges, textured rollers, hands and even Q-tips (as shown here).  In this activity, Abby is working on improving her fine motor skills—which is an integral part of a child’s development.

Scholar’s Choice has been in business for over 80 years and is currently being run by Cindy & Scott Webster for the past 20 years.  Before that, Scott’s parents ran the business for 20 years.  This company is truly a Canadian icon!

“There would be no greater achievement for any of us, than knowing that we were instrumental in a child achieving their hopes and dreams.” - The Webster Family.

Do you have any questions about their products?  Let me know, I’m happy to help!

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