Roots & Shoots: CSA

Roots & Shoots: CSA

We absolutely love the CSA veggie share we’ve been getting for the past 8, going on 9 years and are so excited to share about it!

The vegetables are of the highest quality and they taste amazing!  You can choose to have a weekly or bi-weekly share and you simply pick-up at a spot in your neighbourhood.  

We are so happy that Roots and Shoots Farm is our Local & Canadian Business Spotlight this week, we truly love the food they grow, our long-time friendship and the amazing business they’ve built!  

“Roots and Shoots Farm is a small-scale, organic vegetable farm that works to improve our local food system while inspiring our customers to explore the wonders of seasonal produce.” — Roots and Shoots

Wondering what CSA stands for?

“Community-supported agriculture is an intentional relationship between the folks who grow food and the folks who eat it.

A CSA share is more than a veggie delivery service. When you become a member of our community, we commit to using the most sustainable methods to produce the most delicious and good-for-you veggies, in return for a season-long commitment from you, our valued share member.

This means you are guaranteed a bountiful supply of healthful, local, organic produce at a lower price than shopping at the farmers' market!” — Roots and Shoots Farm

Can’t wait to share more tomorrow!

Take care and have a fantastic day!



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