Roll & Stamp Clay

Roll & Stamp Clay

Abby and I are so make some Miniature Clay Stepping Stones & Decorations...for her Fairy and Bunny Gardens!

When my Parents were preparing their Vegetable Gardens this year, they so lovingly put together a space for Fairies to live and Wild Bunnies to eat.  I really hope they come...because we Bunnies (and Fairies too)!  

We also really love these Roll & Stamp Stones, that I ordered online from Scholar’s Choice.  This adorable and award winning...Yellow Door Let’s Roll called Garden Bugs.  I’m very tempted to order more, as I really like the Forest, Pond and Ocean sets too!   Bonus, they can be used with Clay, Salt Dough and PlayDough.  Now to Stamp, Roll, Cut, Dry, Paint and Decorate!

Do you have any Eco-Friendly recommendations to seal the Clay, so we can keep them protected from the outdoor elements?

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