Emily’s Wonder Lab

Emily’s Wonder Lab

Finding extra minutes in the day...to complete the insane amount of tasks...is a constant struggle.  

I’ll be the first to admit...our daughter has watched more than her fair share of TV...during this pandemic.  For us, the TV has been used to entertain, educate and also a way for her to see other children.

I’m constantly on the hunt for television shows that are educational and engaging, and Emily’s Wonder Lab is both.  We’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of Season 2 and have 89 days, 14 hours, 47 minutes and 24 seconds to go!  No...I’m not that on the ball...Netflix has a countdown on their website.  

Haven’t heard about the show before?  Here is how Netflix describes it: 

“Science-loving host Emily Calandrelli makes STEAM fun with activities, demonstrations and at-home experiments that'll make you think — and blow your mind!” — Netflix

Our daughter loves watching the show and doing the experiments.  These photos are from her Rainbow Bubble Experiment...however she decided to only use blue...and the results were so pretty.  It really is a super easy, introductory experiment to get you started and all you need is baking soda, vinegar and food colouring.  Add food colouring to your baking soda...then add vinegar where you want foaming bubbles...and voila! 

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Pandemic Parenting Post and that your child would enjoy these fun experiments too.  

What is your favourite educational television show or app?  I would love to know! 

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