Paper Flower Rolling

Paper Flower Rolling

If you saw my post yesterday, you’ll know that Abby was gifted the sweetest Paper Flower Rolling Craft.  She absolutely loved rolling them and they were surprisingly easy to make.

In most videos you’ll find...people use what’s called a quilling roll their flowers tightly.  Since we didn’t have one, she just used two sizes of paper blending tortillons to start and then just her hands.  I’ve also seen tutorials where people use pens, pencils, glue sticks and even handmade quilling tools to do their rolling.

If you search DIY Rolled Paper Flowers on’ll find a plethora of create your own.  Abby was lucky enough to be gifted the pre-cut templates, however you can create freehand flowers too.  If you have a cutting machine such as a Cricut, there are lots of free templates available as well.  If you haven’t tried to make these really must...they are so much fun and easy too!

Since we had a framed canvas with Abby’s name embroidered on it, we decided to add her flowers to it with hot glue.  We’ve now added it to her craft shelf and it makes the perfect focal piece.

I hope you liked this weeks Pandemic Parenting Post and that you too, will give it a go.  Happy Crafting!

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