Crafting Gifts

Crafting Gifts

As a parent...we tend to put our children’s activities first...often not getting around to doing things we want to do.

I’ve always wanted to work with clay, but could never squeeze it into my schedule.  While scrolling through the Scholar’s Choice website one night, I came across self-hardening natural clay.  I was thrilled about the idea of trying out the process at home, without needing a kiln.  I still really want to learn how to make the real the amazing pottery studios in our neighbourhood...but during lockdown this is a perfect start!

I love to expose Abby to various art mediums...and since we’re together 24-7...I thought what better time to introduce natural clay.  Sure she has used regular modelling clay before, but nothing really compares to the way natural clay feels and forms!

For this project we were working on a Mother’s Day gift for my Mom.  When we first created it, it looked really cute...then it dried and cracked all over.  Lesson learned...don’t use a can to add structural support...clay is all you need.  Probably should have researched that first...but with crafting...I’m more of a ‘let’s jump in and see what happens’ kind of person.

Since the clay adhered to the can and was still “structurally sound”, we decided to paint the vase and see what happened.  Well as it turns out...we actually like the cracks...adding a weathered appearance and quality to it.  

I purposely try to plan creative projects for Abby, that fall in line with special occasions and gift giving.  I find this to be a win-win-win scenario.  Not only do the activities keep her engaged, but she also learns about different art mediums and in the process creates meaningful gifts for others.  As well...creating is how we both manage this really helps us to unwind and chill together.

I hope this weeks Pandemic Parenting Post encourages try something you would like to try...while using the opportunity to engage with your child...and even create a gift for someone special.  Father’s Day is coming up and I’m sure Dad’s out there would love a handmade gift too!

For an extra special touch, have your child sign their works of art. 

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