Carefree Cotton Candy

Carefree Cotton Candy

This sugary goodness makes me so nostalgic, bringing me back to a time that was carefree and full of joy.  You know the feeling you had after eating Cotton Candy at the carnival, then jumping on a roller coaster and exclaiming bouts of wheeeeeee!!!! 

My heart aches knowing that our child cannot experience the same things as we did, knowing there is a real risk of death when being exposed to food.  The challenges faced with having a child with anaphylactic allergies is tough, especially when your child is centred out and cannot have the same things as other children. Every time we go somewhere I need to pack special treats and snacks, because I know she probably won’t be able to have what others are having.  

Every single carnival, amusement park or festival that we’ve ever been too, she has asked to try Cotton Candy.  We always tell her that it’s probably not allergy free, but she always insists on checking.  After standing in long lines (being super patient), she has always been let down—because they cannot guarantee that it will be safe.  Of course this is where the packed treats come in handy, but you certainly can’t sugar coat the disappointment on her face.  I know there are worse problems to have and so does she, it’s just upsetting that she can’t be the carefree kid we wish she could be.

All this to say, when I was researching treats for her Virtual Unicorn Birthday Party Bags, I was completely overjoyed to find allergy safe UNICORN Cotton Candy!!!  I mean how perfect is this combo?!!?  That was also my first time learning about my new favourite Canadian Candy Store, Candy Funhouse!!!  I seriously love that place and I’m so thankful they carried this allergy free Charms Cotton Candy!

Needless to say, this mama and kiddo were both ecstatic to fill one of her childhood wishes!  Thank you Candy Funhouse, you always make my shopping experiences so much fun! 

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