Play Dough Cake

Play Dough Cake

One of Abby’s favourite TV shows is The Great Canadian Baking Show, which has inspired her to have baking contests using Play Dough from Dough Parlour.  I love all the details she added to this Easter Cake and it smells amazing too!

I find it priceless she wants us to judge her cakes and comment on the taste, texture and appearance, just like on the show.  Thankfully she is ok with us just pretending to eat them!  😂  We even have to time her and make announcements on how many minutes are left.  She is so funny and we absolutely love her imagination and creativity!

We love the calming effects, as well as the development of fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination that Play Dough offers.  It has always been an important part of our daughter’s development and is a wonderful opportunity to bond with her.  I personally love playing with Play Dough and find it very therapeutic.  

For years I would make homemade Play Dough for Abby, as I wanted to make sure it was was safe and natural.  Thankfully Dough Parlour makes that their top priority, so I feel confident purchasing their products and in turn saving me so much time.

Dough Parlour Founder Natalie Sabri also had the same concerns and this is where her journey took her: 

“As an early years educator, driven to inspire through sensory play, Natalie spent more than 10 years refining and defying her dough recipe to create an epic experience…

Her enthusiastic students, and four precious children of her own, became her sounding board, often bouncing new dough their way, and receiving back the epitome of honest feedback. Through their little hands, her dough was tried and tested, until she reached perfection.” - Dough Parlour

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