To Have or Not?

To Have or Not?

Party Hats or no Party Hats…that is the question?

I struggle with this question, every party I plan for our daughter.  For her first 3 Birthday Parties, they worked…but then came her 4th and it didn’t suit the theme…so we didn’t have them.  Then her 5th came along and they seemed to somewhat work, but this time they were skinny ‘unicorn horn’ hats (so slightly less hat-like). 🥳  

Are they just pretty decorations?  Do kids even like them?  Is it more important that they have something to dress up with, over having a hat to wear?  Are they mostly for younger children?  Honestly I’m not sure…some kids really gravitate towards them…and others seem to be perplexed by the process.  What are your thoughts? 🤔

This First Birthday Party Hat was created…along with many other projects I took on…very late, the night before her party. 😴  I’ve worked really hard over the years to create systems, to avoid the absolute chaos that happened the day/night before her first party.  

Every year I learn more and revamp my systems…because realistically, it’s not healthy…to add that kind of stress or chaos to our lives.  I vowed I would never do that again and I continue to be more organized and strategic in my Party Planning Process.

I’d love to know your thoughts about Party Hats…

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