Indoor Picnics: Part 3

Indoor Picnics: Part 3

Now for the final post of the 3 part series today, what to wear to capture beautiful memories.  

When I talk about what to wear, I put most of the focus on our daughter.  Since we don’t change much and she does, we prioritize taking photos of her.  I make sure we get a group selfie, but I’m not overly concerned about if we coordinate. We do manage to get annual portraits and that is when I make sure our outfits go together.

For our daughter’s clothing, I pull inspiration from the theme of our picnic.  I always attempt to put her outfits together, by using clothing items she already has first.  I also try to prepare outfits in advance, so I have enough time to get anything extra or do some hand sewing.

I knew something red or pink would be fitting for Valentine’s Day, so I started there.  She had a red dress from Christmas that worked well as a skirt, so I paired that with a pink fluffy sweater she also had.  Occasionally I will loosely hand stitch other pieces of fabric to clothing to get the desired look, but then have flexibility to remove it again.  I wanted to add a heart to her sweater, so I cut one out of felt and did a tack stitch by hand.  For her headband I glued two small felt hearts on it, that could also be removed.

Working as a Professional Photographer for 20 years, had me believe I had to take all my life photos the way I always did.  Well you know what happened, I never wanted to take photos.  The post production time was too labour intensive and I didn’t want to always lug around my gear.  When our daughter was born 5 years ago, I had to make a really tough decision between quantity or quality.

Did you know that 90% of what I share is from my really outdated iPhone?  Yep, low res, grainy and not super sharp photos...but you know what, I have photos to remember these times and to me that matters most.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a huge advocate of getting annual Professional Portraits, just don’t put all your eggs in one basket and take control of your everyday keepsakes.

I really hope you enjoyed these posts and that they’ll help you create your own magical picnics too!

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