Indoor Picnics: Part 1

Indoor Picnics: Part 1

To provide as much value as possible, this weeks Pandemic Parenting Post is a 3 Part Series. Just in case you’re looking for some fun ideas for this Easter long weekend, I thought I would share something we love to do!

I’ve always been a huge fan of picnics, but must admit—they continue to bring me more and more joy each year.  There is something so magical about them, especially their unique way to create beautiful memories...and they can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors.  They are a perfect opportunity to unwind, connect and one of my favs—eat yummy food!  Since we’re not able to have outdoor picnics yet, my focus today will be on indoor picnics.

Want to know how to plan a picture perfect picnic and capture some beautiful memories along the way?  You do?  Awesome!  Today I’m going to talk about setting up a picnic for a special occasion and I’ll use our Valentine’s Day Picnic as an example.  These same principals can be applied to an Easter or any other special occasion picnic, simply by changing up the food, decor and activities.  

What is in each post?

Part 1, I’ll talk about What to Pack?,
Part 2, I’ll talk about What to Eat? and
Part 3, I’ll talk about What to Wear?

So let’s jump right into Part 1: What to Pack?

Just like an outdoor picnic, I pack in advance to be prepared.  For indoor picnics, I focus on decor and less on food. For outdoor picnics, I focus on food and less on decor—I honestly have no desire to bring all that stuff out.

To start planning, I first consider the picnic theme and come up with a colour scheme based on that.  For our Valentine’s Picnic, I started with my Grandmother’s very old and frail quilt.  She too loved picnics, so it was the perfect choice for our love-filled picnic!

Next we found items that are perfect for pretend play, such as faux cupcakes and strawberries and Abby filled up the vintage picnic basket with pretend food.  We then added her pretend camera and adventurer’s tin that contains binoculars, a magnifying glass, etc.  Next we added activity items, such as a book and Etch A Sketch.  Finally we added the comfort items, yellow pillows and her soft dolls.

Stay tuned for Part 2: What to Eat?...

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