Pandemic Pals

Pandemic Pals

To know one, is to love one. They bring comfort in times of uncertainty and grow with you throughout the years. You may have thought I was talking about children, and while I do feel that way towards them too...I’m referring to childhood stuffed animals.

It brings me great joy, to watch our daughter love our childhood stuffies—the way we once did. Ok, ok, truth be told...I secretly still love them! 🤫 I also love the way she cherishes two stuffies in particular.

One of her two favs is my husband’s childhood teddy bear we named after his great Uncle Ted. He really was the sweetest, cutest man; therefore it only seemed fitting.

The two are truly like an extension of our family, with the other being a lamb from my childhood. The lamb took on a role we were all in agreeance—could only be filled by someone like her. To that degree, she became the one and only Baby Sister! Her name originated after hearing other kids talk about their baby sister/brother, as the majority of her preschool friends had a new sibling. She started as imaginary and I would often comment on how she was such a good baby. I honestly didn’t have to do anything!When the lamb took on the form of baby sister, I was informed, it was I...that gave birth to her. It must have been exhausting, because honestly I don’t remember anything.

Often times as adults we overlook the importance of stuffed animals, but to a child they are full of life and happiness. As the youngest of 3 and the only girl, I can remember playing with my stuffies for hours. They all meant so much to me and I’m very thankful my parents kept so many to pass down!

We added unicorn horns to Abby’s stuffies for her birthday party and it was definitely a highlight for her. Even though her friends were on the zoom call, it was a bit overwhelming as she hadn’t seen them for so long. Virtual meets and this entire pandemic have been very strange for children and trying to add some comfort is so important. When she saw her stuffies out for her virtual party, she started to hug them all and was absolutely overjoyed!

Stay tuned, I'll share all about how to Host a Virtual Party tomorrow! Cheers, Lindsay

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