Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities

This Tiger Tribe Outdoor Activity Set we purchased from Hintonburg Kids is really compact and fun, making it perfect to pack for day and camping trips. 

When we go on bike and kayak day trips, we always find a place to hang out, eat and keep our daughter engaged in outdoor activities like these.

We purchased this set awhile back, with the hopes that things would look a lot different by now.  Feeling really disappointed that things are worse here now, than anytime during this entire pandemic. ☹️  Really wanting to see more people taking this seriously and doing their part, in the hopes that this can eventually be over.  

Guess we’ll hang onto this set for now, stay at home and dream of brighter days—where people aren’t suffering and enjoying the simpler things in life is once again possible.  


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“Ideal for kids that love to discover, our Outdoor Activity Set - Back to Nature is a gentle, activity-based introduction to mindfulness, designed to get children off the couch, unplugged, and outside exploring nature. This set includes a handy magnifying glass, coloured chalks and a note-taking pencil, as well as an activity book filled to the brim with engaging activities and hands-on projects, designed to encourage observation and interaction with the environment. Junior outdoor explorers can document cloud shapes, create mermaids out of found natural materials, complete kindness exercises, play backyard Olympics, or block bingo, along with a whole lot more!” —Hintonburg Kids


Take care and stay safe,


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