Seeds for Change

Seeds for Change

The more I see this photo, the more symbolic it becomes.

This photo was taken on July 1st, a day filled with many emotions and deep thought.  At first I wanted to stay home and avoid the outside world…knowing deep down our observant daughter would start to ask some very hard questions…some of which I was and am still trying to get my head around.  Instead we decided to go on a bike ride and allow for an open dialogue. 

Since the discovery of all the unmarked graves, we’ve been trying to help our daughter understand and process everything…just as we are doing for ourselves.  She is very sensitive to people suffering and you can tell it really bothers her.

Even though we talked about our decisions surrounding this day, the questions started to pour in when she noticed people dressed in orange and black and others red and white.  When asked why people are celebrating while others are mourning, I did my best to try and find the answers.  I proceeded by explaining that we want to celebrate and be proud of our Country too…just as we did before..only now we know more…and so now we must do more. 

When our daughter decided to lay in this plush bed of clover and grass…while waving her arms gently up and down like a soaring bird…I couldn’t help but think of the children that were buried and the truths that were hidden.  It reminded me of the quote an Indigenous Leader referred to recently…“They tried to bury us, They didn’t know we were seeds.”

When she got up from laying in the grass, she proceeded to introduce herself and have conversations with everyone in the garden we were in.  It was surreal to see a 5 year old…who was once very shy…be so confident in her pursuit to make everyone feel welcome and seen.  If we could all have such courage, think of the world that we can all create together.

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