Not a Number

Not a Number

I could never imagine our child being told they no longer have a name and are now a number, or having their fingers burnt from hot coals because they spoke the language you so lovingly and patiently taught them.

I cannot imagine having our child scrubbed down by a stranger and have their hair cut off, or go hungry and left feeling hopeless.  Nor could I imagine our child being abused and not being able to end it or console them.

I most certainly cannot imagine a stranger coming into our home and taking our child away, telling us that we had no choice, that it’s the law and we would go to jail if we didn’t do so.  I also cannot imagine having no communication with our child and not be allowed to visit them.  These things are all insanely inhumane!!!

How anyone in their right mind thought this was just, is something I will never be able to understand or forget.  

All of these things and so much more…have had lasting effects…that are nowhere near fixed by the passing of time.  So much needs to be done and my heart aches for them.

Listening to these tragic stories is so gut-wrenching, but know real change is hard and uncomfortable.  We are listening, learning and actively working to make a brighter future.

FYI: We picked up this children’s book for our daughter at Hintonburg Kids, recommended for ages 7-10.  


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