Natural Pain Relief

Natural Pain Relief

Natural Pain Relief Products play a huge part of managing my everyday pain and during the pandemic, they have become even more important.  Not being able to go for massages...has had an extremely negative effect on my body...and I’m so thankful to have Saje Natural Wellness products to help relieve my pain.

I’ve been using their products for years and am really glad we have one of their stores down the street, in Westboro! All my shopping experiences at that location have been...not only informative...but extremely genuine.  You can tell they really care for others and the company they are representing.

If this isn’t the most AMAZING Customer Service Pledge ever, I don’t know what is...

“We are dedicated to providing positively outrageous customer service. We believe that YOU are our boss and that everyone in the company reports to you. Our minds and hearts are always open to hear what you have to say. We will answer your questions with honesty and sincerity. We continually strive to provide you with the best natural personal care products available anywhere in the world and to stand behind these products unconditionally. We are dedicated to education in the field of natural wellness. We further commit to operating our company in a way that respects all forms of life. We are proud to be here and love what we do.” —Saje 

I’m so happy to feature Saje, for this weeks Business Spotlight and to share their awesome products with you!

I’ve gone ahead and listed below the Featured Product Descriptions, just in case you’re interested:


Arnica Rescue Ointment:

"When sprains, pains or joint pain has you sidelined, smooth on the soothing relief of arnica to help relieve pain or inflammation in muscles and joints."—Saje


Pain Release Remedy:

"When you need some topical TLC, this relieving essential oil blend for muscle pains, strains and soreness is a game-changer. Plants are powerful—you dig?" — Saje 


Pain Release Bath Salts:

"Soak away muscular aches, tenseness and stiffness in a relieving bath blend. Ease pain with comforting essential oils and epsom salts that help your body recover."—Saje


Period Relief Remedy:

"Bloating and cramping and headaches—oh my. This essential oil blend for cramps and other monthly ailments offers soothing relief with its calming and balancing properties. If there’s ever a time for some serious self-care, this is it."—Saje


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