Move Mountains

Move Mountains

“You can Move Mountains”

Our Local & Canadian Business Spotlight for this week is Moving Mountains.  Read more about this inspirational business below.  

Today I'm showcasing more of my favourite purchases, two inspirational necklaces and a zippered pouch.  I absolutely love the ‘Just Watch Me’ & ‘What Lies Within’ necklaces and feel so empowered by the messages they evoke!

Their inspiration for the ‘Just Watch Me’ necklace is...“For anytime your hopes and dreams were met with the answer: you wouldn't, you couldn't, you shouldn't. Somewhere deep down you heard the faintest whisper of a response... Just watch me!  Let that spark become a fire and that whisper become a roar. Just watch me. You will, you can, and you should. I even dare to say that you must. The world will be better for it and the naysayers need to know how wrong they were.” - MM

Their inspiration for the ‘What Lies Within’ necklace is...“Our What Lies Within pendant necklace is meant to remind you of your strength, power, and purpose. You are stronger than you know and capable of more than you realize. What lies within you can exceed your expectations and overcome anything that lies ahead of you. Look at how far you have come, and all of the amazing places you can go!”...“On the reverse side of the pendant we have included the mountain icon to remind you that you can, in fact, move mountains!” - MM 

Looking for something uniquely you?  They now offer custom engraved necklaces too!  I'm really looking forward to having some custom pieces made!

On top of inspirational and beautiful products, they also donate a portion of each purchase to create accessible education for girls in developing countries—which is so awesome!  

 I absolutely love their Why, Purpose, Mission and Story (check it out, it’s so heartfelt)!  Here’s a little snippet from their site:

To inspire, encourage, and support women to dream big, empower other women, and make the world a better place.” - MM

I hope you enjoyed this business spotlight and hope it has inspired you to support businesses just like this!  Do you have any Local or Canadian businesses you would recommend?  I’m always looking for new ones to support!

Cheers, Lindsay 

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