Minds Together

Minds Together

“Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children” - Sitting Bull

Working together…to make a brighter future for everyone…is something we must do together.  We can’t accept the past as just being history, especially when the events continue to create turmoil and hardships. 

What was done to the Indigenous community was horrific and unfathomable.  Something so extreme cannot be fixed overnight…but each step we take…can add up to much needed change.  We have an opportunity to make our country great for all, but that needs to start with compassion, understanding, justice, solidarity and action.

Today we are spending time educating ourselves and helping to create a new way forward.  It is with our utmost hope that one day…we as country…can be proud of all that we accomplished together.  A country filled with diversity, multiculturalism and acceptance for all.  I love living in this beautiful country and all the people in it.  We are in charge of our history, so let’s put our minds together and create one we can all be proud of. 🧡

 #newwayforward, #worktogether, #becompassionate, #muchneededchange, #takeaction, #loveoneanother

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