Whee Love Extraordinary

Whee Love Extraordinary

I’ve always had a love and appreciation for font and enjoy using an abundance of them to create regularly on my computer.  Creating font by hand is a different story...it’s something I’m absolutely terrible at...but also something I would really love to know how to do.  Luckily...I’ve found some pretty stellar resources along the way...that I’ll be using on my hand lettering journey.

This Extraordinary Hand Lettering Book is absolutely amazing...and the Hand Lettering Artist who created it..is beyond talented!

“Learn the simple tools and tricks to take the beauty of hand lettering beyond paper and onto things with my book!  I reveal all the tricks of my trade of lettering on a variety of surfaces and what tools to use to transform old into new, and new into personalized and beautiful.” — Doris Wai, Love Lettering 

Love Lettering is Owned by Doris Wai and based out of Toronto, Ontario.  I’m so excited to share...all the awesome things I’ve purchased from her online shop...and that Love Lettering is our Business Spotlight this week!  Stay tuned, I’ll share more over the next few days.  

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