A Splash of Colour

A Splash of Colour

It’s that time of year...when I start planning our yearly family portrait...that typically happens around...late Summer or early Fall.  I always try to give myself enough time to scout locations, plan outfits and think of poses.  Plus, I really don’t like to be too hot...🥵

The inspiration for this next portrait, came from urban exploring on our bikes.  We absolutely love grungier buildings, that are filled with character and finding hidden gems like this—is right up our alley!

This year I want to incorporate our bikes into our portraits too, as they are such a huge part of our lives and bring us so much joy.  Seriously, I’m that girl...who’ll accidentally be caught in the rain...while riding my bike home...and singing for all to hear “raindrops keep falling on my head”.  My bike makes me so happy and free, I just can’t help myself!  🤪

Having an orange bike, a child and a pandemic, have all inspired me to add more colour into my life.  This is a huge change for someone like me, who has worn almost all black clothing for the past 20 years.  So now you’ll see me in different colours, not just for portraits or special occasions...but actual day-to-day living too!  Shocker I know, especially for those who’ve been trying to persuade me for years!  🤣

I even recently ordered a bunch of fabric in this colour palette, to sew some new clothes!  To start...I’m going to be sewing a Reversible Dress...in part for my One Dress Challenge...and in part for our Family Portrait Session.  Thinking I’ll sew Abby’s outfit as well.  I really do miss sewing, so this will give me the perfect excuse!

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