Her-Story History

Her-Story History

Around the globe National Women’s History Month takes place in March, whereas here in Canada we celebrate in October.  We however decided to celebrate twice...as there are so many AMAZING women to celebrate!

We absolutely love the Little People, Big Dreams book series and continue to add to our daughter’s collection.  She loves having these stories read to her and we love the way each story makes her think differently and become more inquisitive.  I personally love how the books are broken down into very easy to follow short stories, about how these inspirational women have made a difference in the world.

I find it so sweet that my husband reads these to our daughter at bedtime each night and elaborates on the stories for her.  I’ll be perfectly honest, these books have taught me so much about history that I never knew.  I’m very thankful my husband is a history enthusiast and that I too get to learn each night!  

I really look forward to passing these books down to future generations!  They will always remind me of this special time we share and their stories, struggles and successes—will always be close to our hearts.

Just as Susan V. Bosak says: “We are all, young and old, part of a larger community, a community that must remember its history to build its future. Community exists before you are born and remains after you are gone. Each part of your life, from childhood to adulthood to older adulthood, has a part in taking in or passing on the lessons of the past in order to create a better future.” 

Showing up for our children with a positive mindset and encouraging them to reach for the stars no matter what, is so important.  They are stronger than we think, more courageous than we will ever know and they have what it takes to make a much needed course correction in the world.  It starts today, no matter how small they are—lead by example and share the power of knowledge with them.  Show up for them in ways that past female trailblazers have done to get us here.  Today is the perfect day, to start planting the seed for change.  

xo L


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