Gum-Balls or Dough-Balls?

Gum-Balls or Dough-Balls?

With so many delicious smells and beautiful colours, you may want to chew on these Gum-Balls...oh wait I mean Dough-Balls?  I’m ecstatic to share that this weeks Canadian Business Spotlight is the ONE and ONLY, BEST Play Dough business EVER The Dough Parlour!!!  

Can you tell that I’m excited to share with you how much I absolutely love this business!!!  I even secretly wish it was mine, it’s just so sweet and their products are AMAZING!

Their Play Dough is 100% non-toxic, vegan and made in Canada.  Oh and their packaging is so so pretty!  They also have a wide array of Play Dough accessories, that I’ll be sharing in the days ahead.

Curious what’s in the dough?

“Our dough is made from all natural ingredients: wheat flour, sea salt, vegetable oil, natural food extracts and premium bakery-grade coloring.” - The Dough Parlour

Stay tuned for more about Dough Parlour and the many benefits of their amazing dough!

Take care and have a wonderful day!



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