Green Book

Green Book

Getting all our Earth Day learning materials together and can’t wait to dive into this Great Big Green Book!  So many informative ideas of how we can all make much needed change for our earth.

Here is a little blurb from Good Reads about this book:

“Think of the future. Can you imagine our planet as beautiful as it used to be? You could be the one to help make it beautiful again, with the things you do and the ideas you have. Your planet needs YOU!

From a simple introduction to our home in Space, the authors explain what we need for life on Earth, and show the importance of the rainforests and the oceans; they stress the need to look after our planet and show how some of the things we take for granted are running out, and how we have polluted so much our planet. The action plans include saving water, saving energy, recycling, repairing, growing seasonal food, cooking fresh food, saving on packing, asking questions... and thinking of new inventions and big ideas.” — Good Reads


Wondering about that cans?  Stay tuned to learn how we’re going to reuse them.

Discovery news ways to help save the planet is a top priority in our household.  I’m thinking, I may create a list of ways we make a positive impact and would love to hear from you about things you do too.

Hope you have a great day!  



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