Berry Blast Bubbles

Berry Blast Bubbles

We saved the best for last!  As we wrap up our Local & Canadian Business Spotlight for this week, we are showcasing our little one’s favourite Bubble Bath from The Green Beaver Company.

Since the pandemic started, our daughter has really taken a liking to long baths and what better way than a tub full of berry blast bubbles!  

“Because bath time was made for bubbles!  You want your little one to have fun in the bath, but you don’t want them swimming around in a chemical bath. Not to worry! Thanks to this gentle, hydrating, and long-lasting bubble bath, you can watch their happiness blossom as they make, eat and pop harmless bubbles, while you take in the sweet berry aroma.” - The Green Beaver Company 

Next week we’ll showcase another Canadian business we want everyone to know about.  The purpose of these spotlights, is to support Canadian businesses during this really difficult time.  We not only want to share some love to brighten their days, but we also want you to be part of the change.

We believe if you support businesses who care about helping others, encouraging change, your health and environmental impacts, you are then part of an important collective of people who are changing the world.  If we all work together, we truly believe the future will be bright!  

Enjoy the sunshine and have a lovely Sunday!



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