Feel Better Naturally

Feel Better Naturally

When our daughter started preschool (just before she turned two), the amount of sickness she brought home was unreal.  Being a thumb sucker...definitely didn’t help her...especially when other kids were sent to school dripping with snot. 🤢

I can remember feeling helpless...trying to run my business...while constantly being taken out by sickness.  Since she was only in preschool 2 mornings a week, I needed to work during naps, early mornings and late nights...so needless to say...the beginning was a struggle—even without all the sickness!

As a child I was rarely sick and definitely not accustomed to being inundated, with this constant surplus of germs.  Things were different back then...for the most part...people were able to keep their kids home when sick, kids played outside more, parents over bundled their kids during inclement weather (even if we looked ridiculous), food was generally homemade, people didn’t rush around so much and life was just simpler.  With all the  socioeconomic factors involved...to create the very broken system we called normal (pre-pandemic)...it is not surprising that our society and especially children were continually ill.

Having to constantly reschedule work and being sick for long periods of time, started my search for Natural Wellness Products and that is what led me to Saje.  I was skeptical at first, but was pleasantly surprised and overjoyed that their products were nothing but amazing!  If I felt like I was coming down with something...I would immediately use their Immune Products and Echinacea Throat spray...successfully warding off germs the majority of the time.

For times sickness got to me with no warning, their Chest Cold Soothing Balm, Echinacea Throat Spray, Head Cold Soothing Remedy and Fortify Nasal Inhaler worked their magic to make me feel better quickly.  Now that we don’t see people anymore...I have a surplus of these products...just waiting to embrace all the snotty (non-COVID) hugs we can get!  😂😂😂

Did you know Saje has children’s products that are amazing too?  If you didn’t, you definitely need to check out Fortify Petite for sickness and my favourite Aroma Fairy for everyday.

Oh and definitely check out their Pocket Farmacy Wallet (Remedy Convenience Kit) too..total life saver!

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