Tiny Hand Keepsakes

Tiny Hand Keepsakes

So happy how this Father’s Day Gift turned out!

When creating art, both Abby and I love to experiment.  Sure it doesn’t always work out, but the fun really is in the process.  For this project, the end result was a complete surprise.  When the paint was wet, it looked absolutely nothing like this.  

When making the Clay Hand, we rolled out a big piece of Clay, traced out Abby’s hand, cut it out, smoothed the edges with water and left it to dry on top of a small upside-down bowl for a few days.

The painting technique used, was adding a layer of Clear Glue, for every layer of Paint into a bottle.  Once finished building up layers of Colours, the Mixture was poured onto her Clay Hand Dish.  We then added texture and removed excess paint with a sponge.  Once dry, she used a gold paint marker to create the heart. 

Have I mentioned how much I love all art that involves Abby’s tiny hands!  I secretly wish I could keep them small forever…they are just too cute!

For this project we used Self-Drying Clay, Tempera Paint, Clear Glue and Sponges from Scholar’s Choice.


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