Our Little Pixie

Our Little Pixie

Recently I learned about a challenge called Me Made May, so I decided to find out more.  

Here is how Zoe from So Zo...What Do You Know...the challenge creator...explains it in her FAQ:

“Me-Made-May is a challenge designed to encourage people who make their own clothes to develop a better relationship with their handmade wardrobe. You set the specifics of your own challenge to make it suitable and useful for YOU. However, one very common pledge is for a participant to aim to wear one self-stitched or refashioned garment each day for the duration of May.” — Zoe, So Zo...What Do You Know

I would personally love to design and sew my entire wardrobe...unfortunately I can’t make that a priority just yet...with other goals needing to be completed first.  Since I still really love the idea, I’ve decided to come up with a realistic and attainable pledge for myself.  I plan to sew one dress...and wear it as many times as I possibly can...until next May.  I’ll attempt to create different looks, by adding accessories and layering pieces.  I’m also going to attempt to photograph these looks throughout the year and create a time-lapse video for next years Me Made May.  

Since having our daughter, I’ve challenged myself to sew hats, purses, clothing and Halloween costumes for her and have loved the experience.  Sewing small clothes is definitely less intimidating and the items look way cuter on her!  I also love that they can be passed down to future generations.

I sewed the top and skirt in the photo...for Abby’s JK School Photo Day...then sewed a pixie hat and purse to match.  I then thought a Mini Portrait Session in the woods...with our little Pixie would be fun...and I’m so happy we did!  Now to think of something for this year...🤔

For any of you that have little ones...make sure to dress them up as cute things when they are still little...they eventually start to refuse...😩

Sustainable and slow fashion are absolutely necessary to help reduce our environmental impact.  So here we go...one dress...one year.  Who says you can't wear the same dress everywhere, while continuing to be unique and fashionable?!!?  

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