Embrace the Good Times

Embrace the Good Times

From the minute Abby first looked into my eyes, I knew I would forever be changed.  I could sense how much she needed and trusted me, but most of all...how she loved me unconditionally.  

Even though her entrance into this world...did not come close to how I planned...I’m so very thankful she arrived safely!  Planning a natural birth and then having the complete opposite, was really hard to come to terms with—something I still hold onto 5+ years later.  I feel disappointed we missed out on those early bonding moments (that everyone talks about) and that I was so drugged/exhausted, I can hardly remember the first time holding her.  I remember telling my Mom...to not let me drop her...as I laid there desperately trying not to fall asleep.

With parenting being so unpredictable and filled with so many unknowns, I’ve had some hard lessons to learn.  While sometimes things go astray...other times...they can fall perfectly into place.  Thankfully, I was able to breastfeed Abby and create a bond—that I didn’t know was possible.  Early on, I would nurse her laying down (like in this photo) and afterwards she would always look up at me just like this.

It is these magical moments, I wish to remember and preserve forever.  I’m so thankful I get to be her Mom and will continually work towards focusing on the positives and leaving the negatives in the past.  This is me...reminding myself...to let go and embrace all the good times!  Life is short and won’t always go as planned...so hold on to when it does...and have that push you forward. 


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