Dress-up Days

Dress-up Days

Dressing up is at the top of our daughter’s list of fun things to do, probably another reason why she loves Halloween so much!  

In her closet she has dress-up bins, with a variety of items she can choose from.  A lot of the items belonged to relatives that have passed away and some from our childhood, so it is always really sweet to see her dressed up in them!

With a combination of scarves, hats, glasses, jewellery, capes, masks and other random household items, she transforms herself daily into many different characters.

When she was in school, they would always have themed dress up days and she loved them!  l’m thinking since she hasn’t had one in a year, it may just be time.

For this weeks Pandemic Parenting Post, I’ve listed some different ideas for Dress-up Days:

• Rockstar Day (shown in photo)

• Wacky Day (my fav)

• PJ Day (ok, more of an everyday now)

• Crazy Hair Day

• Superhero Day

• Beach Day

• Backwards Day

• Inside Out Day

• Safari Day 

• Character Day 

• Polka Dot Day

• Rainbow Day

• Career Day

• Tourist Day

• Fancy Day

• Animal Day

• Camping Day

Now to plan one for Abby  🤔... I read her the list, hoping she would pick one on there...instead she asked for a Spy Day.  She wants us to all dress in ninja attire and break into buildings at night to explore.  

Ummm...I think she may be watching a bit too much tv!  😂  I have to admit, it does sound like fun though—minus the breaking in part of course.  😉  In all seriousness, we do all want to become ninjas!  🥷🏼🥷🏼🥷🏼

Want your kid to have extra fun?  I’m sure they’d love if you dressed up too. 

Remember you are never too old to dress up, life is too short to not let go and be silly!

Do you have any fun days I can add to the list?

Take care and have a wonderful day!


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