Did you Know?

Did you Know?

Did you know?

For years, I avoided sharing on social media and felt conflicted by the lack of authenticity. I continued to lurk in the shadows, at times feeling like I didn’t exist. What I know for certain...is that behind every highlight reel..there is always more to the story.

I seem to no longer have tolerance for people who gossip, slander and judge. Unfortunately I'm not immune to these traits and need to continually look deeper, to avoid making assumptions hastily. I think we should always keep in mind, that what appears to be perfect on the outside—may be really broken on the inside.

While I do like keeping what I share real, regardless of judgement—I’ve always preferred keeping my deeper struggles hidden. I realize now, that by doing this...I may be painting a picture of someone living a sugar-coated life...and that...is the farthest thing from the truth!

I have an overflowing ‘To Do List’, don’t take good care of myself and drop balls all the time. I’m behind on almost everything, yet I continue volunteering time—that I just don’t have.

I have a deep compulsion for helping others and always put myself last. I live in pain everyday, yet continually look for ways to spread myself thin. Helping others and creating brings me joy, happiness and fuels my soul...but establishing a healthy balance...is something I need to master.

I want to be part of a community, with like-minded people. Who are understanding over judgmental...compassionate over cruel and kind over selfish. Who are open-minded, accepting and want to leave the comparison game behind.

We as a family strive to learn something new each day and appreciate that this is only possible, if knowledge is shared. It really does take a village and sharing is caring.

Knowledge is power and power fuels change. So I’ll be here sharing the good, bad and as much of the ugly as I can—to help others thrive in their lives.

Did you see? In lots of posts, our daughter is in Pajamas...just one small way, we found a bit of balance during this pandemic.

Can’t wait to dress up and wander aimlessly once again!

Hope you’ll join us, on all the new and exciting adventures ahead! xo Lindsay ☕️

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