Did You Know...

Did You Know...

Did you know...I’m an Emotional Eater?

Yep, there you have it...out into the world...no longer can I hide the ugly truth.  I can honestly come up with any and every excuse, to eat my way out of my feelings.  At the time I think...‘I’ll do it just this once’...and ‘I’ll feel so much better’.

Truth be told, ‘once’ happens way too often these days and I’ve gotten myself into a bit of a predicament.  Let’s just say...the pandemic has presented many opportunities for emotional eating...and the aftermath is something I’m not at all proud of.  

This past year has been a lot easier to gain and hide weight, as I really don’t see too many people and my attire pretty much consists of expandable clothes.   Unfortunately, I started off with extra baby weight as well—so that didn’t help matters.  I’m very thankful we eat really healthy the rest of the time, or else this situation could have been so much worse.  

Trying on clothes recently and not fitting into anything, has definitely brought me back to my wedding dress dilemma.  The dress had fit perfectly and was all set, then my Father-in-Law got cancer and it all went downhill.  The stresses of planning an out-of-town outdoor wedding, while also running our extremely busy business—was truly enough to deal with as it was.  We then added 5 + hours of car travel on weekends to help and visit before he eventually passed away.  I can remember many late nights...binge eating with my MIL...and eating terribly throughout the week—as we had zero free time.

Needless to say...during my last wedding dress fitting...my dress no longer fit!!! 😩 After hundreds of dollars in alterations, they were thankfully able to add a corset back and make it fit again.  I had initially wanted a corset back in the design...so it somewhat worked out...besides the weight gain and money spent of course. 😬

With our 14th year anniversary around the corner and my 40th birthday coming up in less than 3 months...I’m going to do everything I can to start this next chapter...not using coping strategies that involve junk food.  Wish me luck, I’m really going to need it!  Any tips would be greatly welcomed! 🤞 

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