Golden Opportunities

Golden Opportunities

These may be the older version of The Happy Ever Crafter courses, but they are still gold!  Guess I shouldn’t have waited 4 years to start!  😂😂😂

Speaking of gold...for any of you creatives out there...Becca at The Happy Ever Crafter has created something new and magical...that I must share.  She is hosting Workshop Week...which includes 35+ workshops from a bunch of creatives...who specialize in a variety of art techniques...from Hand-Lettering, to Calligraphy, Drawing, Illustration, Painting and everything in between.  Best part, the workshops are completely FREE!!!

If you’re interested in Workshop Week, but are like me and take 4 years to get to can purchase ‘The Workshop Vault’ option...then just watch and learn when you can!  I’ll touch base in 4 years and let you know what my favourite workshops are...😂😂😂

I’m so excited about the lineup of artists...but I’m overjoyed to learn from two very talented and all-around amazing women...Mabz from Chalked by Mabz and Doris from Love Lettering!!!  

Hope you can check it out too!  Mark your calendars...June 7-11th...or be like me...just choose the vault option and don’t stress about when you get to them.  Cheers!


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