Gifting Memories

Gifting Memories

Typically most people don’t help with planning their own Baby Shower, but if you know know it’s hard to keep me away from parties and helping...

Planning my Baby Shower with my Mom...was such a lovely way to spend quality time together...especially with a baby on the way.👶

Thankfully, my mom’s family came to help decorate sugar cookies, make fancy sandwiches and setup before the party. While I was able to help plan and design the party, I was not allowed to help with baking or setting up...and since I was super pregnant...I wasn’t about to argue.

Not being there for the setup...and instead, just showing up to the beautifully decorated party...with a house full of people I adore...really made it extra special!  

Seeing all the pretty baking...that my Mom so lovingly made.....was absolutely magical! She put so much time and love into making my Tea Party Baby Shower amazing and no words could ever express how much I loved and appreciated all of it!!!

If you’ve been following already know, that during this lockdown...I’ve been working on a Virtual Mother’s Day gift for my Mom.

This year...more than ever Mom needs something extra special to brighten her days!  For that reason...I’ll be giving her a gift of memories...and taking her on a stroll down memory lane.  I’ll be diving deep into my archives and pulling together photos, that I know she’ll love and probably hasn’t seen before.  

I know a lot of people are looking for Mother’s Day gift for this weeks Pandemic Parenting Post...I’m hoping that gifting memories might just do the trick for you too!

Moms really need to be uplifted during this very difficult time...and a reminder of brighter days...sounds pretty amazing to me! 

Oh and my Mom made these pretty Pastel Peppermint Patties and Mini Stacked Cakes!  To see all the love-filled baking she made...check out my other 2 posts today.

Take care and have a wonderful day!

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