Bikes, Beaches & Buckets

Bikes, Beaches & Buckets

Bikes, Beach and Bucket at for this weeks Pandemic Parenting Post. Now that the weather is nicer, we’ve been able to startup our Outdoor Exploring Adventures again and we are all so excited!

Our adventures this year will once again be in Ottawa, but that doesn’t mean we can’t discover new things. We’ve always been into scouting cities as Photographers, but exploring with your child takes on an entirely different level of planning and packing. Since our daughter loves to dig in the dirt and play in water, we always have that in mind when packing for any kind of outing. Seriously, she will find a way to get messy just about anywhere. We are totally fine with that, as kids should be kids. What I’m not ok with is forgetting something and if I do, it will actually alter my mood. To feel confident knowing we are covered for any scenario, I've created a checklist of items to pack for our outings.

We believe anywhere you go is an opportunity for children to learn, discover and play. For that reason we like to pack our daughter items that encourage that. Some of our daughter’s favourite things to pack are kid-sized binoculars, a magnifying glass, notebook with a pencil and a bucket with a shovel. We also pack a few small paper bags, that she can collect nature items such as shells, rocks, leaves, acorns and sticks. We then use those items in sensory bins, crafts and learning at home. If you have extra room, bubbles, sidewalk chalk and a kite are also really fun too!

We personally love to explore on our bikes, so we always need to focus on the amount and weight of everything we bring. Packing items in pouches has proven to be very beneficial, as they keep everything compact, organized and easy to find in our bike panniers. Having electric bikes has been a game changer for us! We love leaving our car at home and not worrying if we have the energy to bike home after a long day of exploring.

Do you have any fun places you like to explore? What are some fun things you like to bring with you? Our favourites places to explore in Ottawa are the Downtown Core and along the Ottawa River.

We hope you too, will find some new places to explore!

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