Bath Time Escapes

Bath Time Escapes

Pandemic Parenting Post #2:  During the early months of the pandemic, we were always wanting to find ways to comfort our daughter and keep her entertained.  What a strange time that was for kids, with so many unknowns, stress and worry buzzing around them. 

To ease her anxiety, we decided to shake things up a bit and let her have a bubble bath, with a special treat and a movie.  Obviously she was overjoyed!  Next thing you know...she’s chilling in a bubble bath, eating a granola bar and watching The Little Mermaid.   That was the beginning of her beloved bath time escapes...

She continues to get lost in bath time and comes out completely calm and relaxed.  It really is such a wonderful time for imaginative play, creativity and sensory activities!  We also do other educational activities, using her foam letters and flash cards.

She Creates Science Experiments and Competes on Baking Shows by mixing her bath stuff together, such as shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath & body wash.  We also add things to the tub that can be cleaned well, such as funnels, measuring cups, strainers, her play kitchen pots/cooking utensils, mini cake pans and whatever else we think will spark her imagination. 

Eating in the tub is something only a pandemic could convince me was ok, but seriously it’s kinda awesome for her—so why not!  I’ve learned that you have to roll with the punches, to make the absolute best of this time.  There are rules of course and she knows to be careful, or else the fun will come to an end.  Did I mention she’ll gobble up her veggies in there with no drama...yay!!!

One of her favourite bath activities, involves wearing a puddle jumper, bathing suit and goggles.  She then splashes around and explores under the water, just like you would in a wading pool.  She also really enjoys turning on the shower head and letting the tub fill up, as the ‘waterfall’ showers her.  Make sure to put out an extra bath mat for these activities, just in case things get a little crazy. 

On average she plays in the tub for 2+ hours, allotting time for us to organize, put the robot vacuum out, do laundry, work etc.  I would definitely call that a win-win!

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