Baby Deer Family

Baby Deer Family

I don’t know about you...but I really want to capture our they so quickly pass us by.  I can’t believe Abby had just turned one in these photos and now she is half way to 6!  😩 

Planning portrait sessions can be super overwhelming, often getting put off and sometimes just not happening.  To avoid this...I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks I capture beautiful photos throughout the year. 

Over the last few days... I’ve shared super quick sessions...on simple pathways in the Fall.  If you look back, you’ll notice the look and feel is different in each one.  

For the sessions of just Abby...I photographed them with Jay and for these portraits...we had an assistant take them, with my Mom assisting.  Mini Sessions like these are an amazing way to capture your children as they grow, however I still recommend having Professional Family Portrait Sessions taken as well.  

Capturing photos doesn’t have to be overwhelming, just keep it simple and don’t stress about getting tons of photos.  I find this bite-sized approach to capturing memories, puts less pressure on each portrait session you have.

The most important tip I can share, is to plan ahead...not only saving you time and money...but more importantly making portraits happen.  My rule is to start planning the next portrait, one week after the last.  By having it in the back of my mind, I can simply plan it while doing everyday tasks.

When planning portraits, I tend to start with Halloween and Abby’s Birthday Party first.  When planning her Baby Deer Party, I decided to make her a Halloween Costume to match.  We then took portraits of her dressed up and displayed them for decor at her party. We also took some quick family portraits at her party, with her wearing the Deer Hat with her Party Dress.  Lastly...we took some family portraits in our party attire...before winter arrived.  On top of all that, she wore the hat all Fall/Winter to keep her head warm.

I know we’re all itching to get out and live life what better time to start planning.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks Pandemic Parenting Post and found it helpful for planning your portraits too!

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