Few of My Favourite Things

Few of My Favourite Things

Wrapping presents, drinking hot cocoa, eating sugar cookies, decorating, reflecting on the past year, planning for a new year ahead and most importantly spending time with the ones I love...these are a few of my favourite things!

I’ve been finding so much joy flipping through the beautifully made sketchbook (The Great Pause) about pandemic life by the very talented @typemistress ! She created it for the Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project and donated proceeds from sales to the local charity @highjinx! I feel so lucky to have a copy and love every page!

These cute mugs from the @thevillagequire ,ensure you have plenty of room for yummy peppermint marshmallows from @mydandies. I found them on @welldotca and they are so delicious!!! Bonus they are made with better ingredients than others. We’ve been buying their regular marshmallows for years and love them all!

To top off the perfect cup of holiday hot cocoa, you definitely need these @wholesomesweet candy canes too...they really are the best! Not only are they super delish, they are actually made with natural ingredients and are allergy friendly!

As a parent of a child with severe food allergies, having these packed for all the holiday festivities has ensured our child is not left out. Thank you so much @wholesomesweet for making these!!! I cannot tell you how many Santa visits, parades, etc. where the candy canes handed out are not safe for her to have.

I cannot take credit for baking those pretty sugar cookies. 😂 They are actually ornaments we picked up from the @natgallerycan gift shop a few years back. It’s become a holiday tradition to hang out at the Gallery and then shop in the gift shop for decorations. The string of red wood beads are from there too.

I love this time of year and desperately needed it to happen. Time to unplug and regroup. I hope you can take some time off and soak up the season. I’d also love to hear about your favourite holiday traditions! Cheers! Lindsay xo

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